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Last Orders to Contribute to Angling Research!

We are entering the final period of the Social and Community Benefits of Angling research project. The project runs for 3 year and has been collecting vital evidence about the benefits of angling for participants, young people and local communities. It is funded by the Big Lottery and run by Substance, a research cooperative.


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Brokering relationships between young people and the community: the GHOF Flintshire launch.

July saw the launch of the first Get Hooked On Fishing (GHOF) project in Wales. The GHOF Flintshire project is being delivered by Allan Ellis as part of the Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association (FNWA) ‘Y Factor’ Youth Engagement Scheme.

County Angling Action Groups (CAAGs)- what role will they play in developing young people's opportunities?

One of the key features of the Angling Development Board’s development strategy is the introduction of County Angling Action Groups (CAAGs). But what is it that they do? And what impact are the likely to have on developing young people’s angling opportunities?

I decided to visit two CAAGs to find out what was involved.

Unlocking young people’s potential: CAST project and Newstead Village SOS project.

CAST project in Nottingham is part of the Future Newstead community group that has just been chosen to take part in Village SOS. They competed with communities across the UK to gain funds to transform an old spoil heap created by the former colliery into a sustainable, eco-sensitive Country Park that will improve local quality of life. Central to the plans will be the development of a fishing venue and education centre.

The Role of the Tackle Trade?

Today's young anglers will grow up to be the key consumers of tomorrow, so how is the tackle industry investing in young people’s angling engagement?


First Interim Report Published!

Friday 11th was a big day for the Angling Research team. We published our first Interim Reports, the culmination of just over six months of research covering our three themes of Participation, Young People and Rural Areas. They are now available on our website and we would love to hear what you think. There’s space to comment in the forums or contact us direct.


Transforming ‘empty landscapes’: A visit to Borderlines

In August, I visited a project working in Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and across the Scottish Borders. Chris Bowman and Clive Mitchelhill have been delivering fishing experiences for young people in the area for the last 12 years, and in 2005 went on to set up Borderlines as a not for profit company.  

Charlton's Pond (Billingham)

I have been spending much of my Saturdays visiting the junior fishing matches being held at Charlton pond over the summer. GHOF Dave Munt was involved in the clean up of the original pond that has made it into the accessible, young people friendly community hub that it is now.

Having a go at the Go Fishing Show

By way of immersion, I spent the weekend of 18th and 19th of July at the Go Fishing Show at Cudmode Fisheries. It offered me the opportunity to spend time with the GHOF team providing 20 minute coaching sessions to young people, but also to meet many more people involved in angling and find out about coarse fishing (something I was completely new to).


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Getting involved

Fishing as an intervention tool for working with young people appears to have been used for many years but there is little evidence or research on what such work may comprise, and the effects it can have remains anecdotal.  One of the aims therefore of the research into the 'Social and Community Benefits of Angling' is to identify and evidence how fishing is being used  to engage young people, particularly those who may be socially marginalized either due to poverty, their location, disability, or anti-social behaviour.


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