Give Us Your Views - Key Issues for the Research

Data collection is now Closed.

The first year of our project, including our Participation Survey, highlighted a number of areas where angling activity delivers benefits – either for individual anglers, or for the wider community.

In particular, we want to know more about four key interest areas:

  1. Angling and the Natural Environment
  2. Social Aspects of Angling
  3. Angling and Physical Activity
  4. Angling, Well-Being and Health

You can choose what you tell us about - all four areas or just one. To share your views, click on the area you would like to comment on. You will be directed to a specially-designed page where you can type a response in a text box .

All responses are anonymous, and you can choose if you would like your comment to be published on our website.

To view all comments published so far, visit Your Views - Key Areas on our Angling Resources and Results site.