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  • I hear from Scarborough Borough Council that there is now access to the West Pier via a temporary footbridge with plans in place to replace this with a permanent footbridge -- timescale unknown. I don't now if this was a result of the local petition by Whitby Angling Supplies. If so, well done!

    No indication of whether the East Pier footbridge will ever be repaired but if the Council can't afford to do this there are EU funds that they could be accessing to help with this. This is exactly the kind of thing the Angling Trust could try and help with if they were approached.

    10 years 20 weeks ago
  • i have been fishing for 45 years .freshwater and stil.your main threat to any river is farm pollution ,increase of crayfish,and increase in gooosander cormerant and heron numbers ,i have yet to see a eviroment agent checking a river on a feeder sream from a farm ,if they follow them back to there source mbet it comes close to slurry pit or near,

    10 years 23 weeks ago
  • is a not for profit company working to encourage all sorts of intergenerational learning and activities - including fishing. We would be very interested in working with and including fishing clubs that are interested in encouraging young people to take up fishing.

    10 years 42 weeks ago
  • How are we doing?

    Quote :'We compared the postcodes of respondents to the Index of Multiple Deprivation for England as an indicator of socioeconomic background. 18% of our respondents originated from the top 10% most deprived areas of England.'

    England England England England

    There is a palace called Scotland, why does scotland always get forgotten about when it comes to cource fishing.

    England has alot of cource fishing venues but in palaces there wont be but compared to scotland.....................

    There are 2 cource fisheries i know of in Scotland, Orchill and Magiscroft.
    The scottish carp group have 7 waters.
    Theres a few other waters stocked my the council.

    That compared to England. Thats enough said.

    10 years 43 weeks ago
  • in sheffield south yorkshire were i live there are very few angling clubs for younger people i myself have attempted to become a member at quite a few of them without success however the amount of local venues that have great potential but are overlooked by councils etc. for quite some years now i have drempt about running my own angling club but would need help looking into what exacty i would have to do in order to make use out of at least one of the potential venues this club would cator for all ages but would be mainly targeted at the younger end to bring new blood into the angling world if anybody has any information please get in touch.
    10 years 44 weeks ago
  • the boys and girls that we try to teach are all in all a great bunch. if there was somthing like this when i was growing up i would have jummped at it . I have to take my hat off to Alan for the idea and running of the programe.and to north wales police force for there commitment to helping the scheme run so well, without whom it would not be the same the children see them there hands on.and through that thay gain a lot of respect for the police ,and begin to realise that they are dads brothers sisters (big brothers)like any one els, i have whitnesed boys and girls catch fish with us and you would swear it was christmas all over again the smile on there faces is just amazing from the novice to the pro the thrill is the same

    11 years 36 weeks ago
  • How are we doing?

    please can someone tell me were to get free fishing tackle

    11 years 38 weeks ago
  • On Friday evening I visited the 'Get Hooked on Fishing' project run by Allan Ellis of Flintshire Neighbourhood Watch Association along with a great bunch of volunteers and officers who all give up their free time for the project. A total of 25 youngsters were there on Friday, some with parents but in the main on their own and all really enthusiastic about the job in hand - fishing! Some of the youngsters there are well known to the police for causing anti -social behaviour in and around the towns they live. I went to see them at about 4:30pm, by which time they were just about ready to hit the water. They told me that they would be fishing until about 7.30pm and by the time they packed up and got home it would be nearer 8.30pm. This is just the time that problems with youngsters and anti-social behaviour peak and so the project is an excellent way to divert them from causing problems whilst at the same time it gives them a new skill and hobby that they can continue to enjoy long after they leave the scheme. I am very grateful to the hard work of the team delivering 'Get Hooked on Fishing' and hope it continues for many years.

    Rob Kirman B.Sc. (Hons)
    Uwcharolygydd Superintendent
    Rhanbarth Dwyreiniol Eastern Division

    11 years 42 weeks ago
  • it looks like the 2 people mentioned above are having a whale of a time but i can say its not these young people have put in many hours learning how to fish what bait to use learning about the fauna and flora/environmental issues that can effect a fishing pond and local communities the get hooked on fishing scheme is not just about angling it is about group work speaking to others passing on what they have picked up .
    Out of the 23 young people who turn up come rain or shine we have all learned a lot , we have a dedicated team of peer mentors who give loads of time to help me out with coaching ect
    Parents who turn up are encouraged to help out in any way possible ie surveying the participants capturing some of the most important comments that are talked about on the bank side before any person wets a line

    11 years 44 weeks ago
  • no need for the thank yous this is a project that i enjoy doing and as for your two lads it is a pleaseure passing on to 2 young lads that are willing to learn see them soon allan

    11 years 44 weeks ago