Angling Conference 2012


Fishing For Answers: What can Angling Do for You?

Launch of the Social and Community Benefits of Angling Project Final Report.

31st January 2012: Coin Street Neighbourhood Center, South Bank, London

This was a one day conference for policymakers, practitioners, and the angling sector presenting the findings from the Social and Community Benefits of Angling Research Project. The project was funded by the Big Lottery Fund, and ran from 2009 to 2011.

Drawing on three years of quantitative and qualitative research across the UK, this conference presented how angling can contribute to improving a range of outcomes in: health and well-being; the environment; communities; young people; rural areas and angling.

The conference was attended by over 100 delegates from both within and outside the angling sector.

Conference Highlights:

  • Keynote: Richard Benyon MP, Minister for Natural Environment and Fisheries (DEFRA)
  • Martin Salter (National Campaigns Coordinator, Angling Trust)
  • Substance Research Findings
  • Practitioner Presentations
  • In Focus: Hear From the Practitioners delivering benefits in:
    Health and well-being; communities, young people, the environment, rural areas, and angling.
  • Angling Question Time’ Panel

This conference was sponsored by the Angling Development Board. The research has been supported by The Angling Trust, Angling Development Board of Scotland, The Environment Agency, Get Hooked on Fishing, The Wild Trout Trust, and the Angling Trades Association.

Download the Final Report here