Why you go fishing and what sort of angling do you do?

I like to get away from it all and do a bit of fly fishing. It's just vey relaxing.





Why we go fishig!

It's one of the most natural thing to do,were hunters!(particularly men)
Its a challenge
Its relaxing
it's a social thing
it's good fun
it's healthy
Its cheep
What other sport could you see all the things we see?the birds,the animals and the fantastic views over the rivers and lakes first thing in the morning when most other people are still in bed,its an honest sport,you either catch loads or a few or not at all,it doesn't mater what you do if they don't want to feed you wont make them,we have loads of choice in what sort of fishing we do,in my case I can go when I want instead of when it's on or open.
The anticipation is what it's all about as well as the above,you sit there waiting for a bite,you never know when it's coming,it could be straight away,it could be in a few minutes or it could be a few hours,some times it doesn't' come at all!

Good luck look to you all and enjoy it like I do.