How you started angling and how your involvement has changed or developed?

Who introduced you to angling? Has your participation changed over the years? Have you taken a more active role in your local angling club? Or do you prefer to spend more time fishing alone now?




Why I do it

I fish for brown trout, sea trout and the odd salmon. The history of my fishing started when I was 6 or 7 years old, in the ponds of Springburn Park Glasgow. It was exciting if you caught a 'doctor' minnow with the wee bit of red on the belly near the fins and seeing them in a 'jeelie jar' studying their movements, behaviour and reaction to things. But most of all because I JUST LIKED LOOKING AT THEM.

I then adavanced to the forth and clyde canal fishing for perch and roach with bits of bread suitably moulded around the hook, by then I was 9 or ten years old. We stood on the remaining posts of an old bridge that had long disappeared and we were right above them watching them move and take the bait. It was fun and good to see bigger types of fish. I let it go for a while and around 16 I went fishing with my two older brothers who were on a camping holiday at one of their friends' father's farm right on the banks of the tweed at Galashiels. I travelled there by bus for the weekend to join them for the fishing holiday. But the most notable part of the short holiday was whilst travelling on the upper deck of a double decker bus crossing Hynford bridge, en route to Gala on a beautiful May morning; I saw this man standing in the river casting a white fly line across to the far bank upstream of the bridge. The whole scene captivated me, the beauty of sunlit streams that formed the river, the beauty of the spring blossoms on the bushes but most of all the poetry of a perfectly cast line, going back and forth across the river. From that moment I was hooked and that was that. The rest is a journey of continuous excitement,tranquillity,peacefulness, solitude and equally important the joy of discovering the beauty of Scotland and the people I've met and the friends I've made; which never ceases to enrich and delight me.I return home refreshed and ready to build a house, if I knew how to.


P.s. I popped up to the Spey one year and hired a caravan at the Osprey caravan site, where my older brother and myself used to go for a week every year. On that Occasion there was a married man,about 30 years of age with his wife in the luxury caravan and he came up to me and said 'your the reason I took up fishing, I saw you cast a beautiful white fly line across the river from the bridge and immediately I became hooked on fishing'. I then rememberd seeing and chatting with a young boy about 25 years ago and he was that boy. So it seems there is a natural attraction to the whole scene of a man fishing a fly line on a nice sunny day, as it was that day too.

P.P.s. I finished my journey to Galashiels and caught the three biggest trout of the weekend on the worm at night, near the edge of the river. I was delighted and did notice that my fish were bigger than my two brothers'.