National Fishing Week – July 24 to August 2, 2009

Along with my fellow angling researcher Natalie, I recently attended several events organised for National Fishing Week, including several aimed specifically at young people. I’m guessing Nat will tell you about her experiences in her own blog.

On Tuesday the 28th July I was in Druridge Bay, Northumberland to watch 12 boys dabble in a bit of beach fishing. Ben Thompson, Angling Development Board regional officer for the North East, along with Jamie from the local Get Hooked on Fishing project, helped the boys with beach casting and baiting their lines. I witnessed at least 8 flat-fish being caught and released, so it was obvious the boys had quickly absorbed what they had been shown. At lunch Ben’s chef skills were put to the test with a BBQ on the beach; it was a well-earned break for the lads. Sadly the planned afternoon charter boat trip had to be cancelled; nevertheless I was told later that a bass was reeled in after I went home – nice compensation for having to stay on the beach.

I travelled to Wakefield, Yorkshire, on Friday the 31st of July to meet members of the Wakefield Angling Club who organised a angling taster day at Flanshaw Dam. Harry Lodge, Club President, proved to be a generous host and it was good to meet Daniel Ramm, the Angling Development Board regional officer for Yorkshire. I spoke to a number of anglers during the day; it was particularly nice to see a young girl sharing a rod with her father, and I also enjoyed a conversation with a disabled angler who visits the dam at least twice a week.  During the day I also saw my first crucian carp and a (small!) perch.

In my next blog entry I’ll write about my experience the following day (Saturday 1st August) at the inaugural Urban Rivers Conclave in Sheffield.



local angling clubs for youths

in sheffield south yorkshire were i live there are very few angling clubs for younger people i myself have attempted to become a member at quite a few of them without success however the amount of local venues that have great potential but are overlooked by councils etc. for quite some years now i have drempt about running my own angling club but would need help looking into what exacty i would have to do in order to make use out of at least one of the potential venues this club would cator for all ages but would be mainly targeted at the younger end to bring new blood into the angling world if anybody has any information please get in touch.