How can more young people be encouraged and supported to take up angling?

What do you think should be done to encourage young people in to angling? Is there a need to get more young people involved? What are the challenges?


Engaging young people with angling.

There is no doubt that becoming involved with angling when I was young diverted me from the anti-social and sometimes destructive behaviour engaged in by others of my age, especially in my teenage years. Knowing that I was interested, older anglers in my area with access to transport would offer to take me fishing with them and teach me more of the sport that fascinated me. This was in the 1960's.

At a recent meeting of my angling club the assembled members were asked if anyone would volunteer to take a young beginner with them on one of their outings, with the intention of boosting the dwindling number of young people in the club. Several members declared themselves more than happy to do so and some discussion ensued about how this initiative should be organised with much enthusiasm being shown. The whole enterprise was brought to a crashing halt when one member, a teacher, pointed out that in this day and age no-one would be allowed to participate without a full C.R.B. check which would involve some expense and paperwork. The committee is looking into the details of this but it seems that the initiative might be shelved as being too complicated. Meanwhile opportunities are being lost to engage some of our local youth in a worthwhile pursuit that would do wonders for their personal development.

While it is obviously necessary to safeguard young people, the club is quite capable of monitoring the scheme and vetting the participants on its own. Until we can get rid of unneccesary bureaucracy and overcome the groundless fears that have permeated into modern society it will be increasingly difficult for people like myself and members of my club to pass on the joy and pleasure of the sport that we love to a new generation.

John Buckingham.

engaging with young people

I suggest you contact your ADB regional officer and ask if there is funding available to do a level 1 coaching course which would include a CRB check.
Your club could begin working towards a Clubmark accreditation.
Deails on the angling trust website or from me

fishing as an intergenerational activity is a not for profit company working to encourage all sorts of intergenerational learning and activities - including fishing. We would be very interested in working with and including fishing clubs that are interested in encouraging young people to take up fishing.