First Interim Report Published!

Friday 11th was a big day for the Angling Research team. We published our first Interim Reports, the culmination of just over six months of research covering our three themes of Participation, Young People and Rural Areas. They are now available on our website and we would love to hear what you think. There’s space to comment in the forums or contact us direct.

We also held our first dissemination seminar on Friday and would like to thank everyone who attended for their insightful comments and feedback. In particular many thanks to our guest speakers, Dr Paul Gaskell (Trout in The Town), Peter Henery (GHOF Liverpool coordinator) and the two peer mentors Lee and Kieran, and David Stocker (Cumbrian Fishing Festival).

Our wider thanks to all who have participated in the questionnaire, our interviews and site visits, and for showing an interest in the project.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and getting started on the next phase of the research after the Christmas break. If you want to get involved leave us a message here