The Role of the Tackle Trade?

Today's young anglers will grow up to be the key consumers of tomorrow, so how is the tackle industry investing in young people’s angling engagement?

In my travels across the England and Scotland, I have been coming across a variety of ways in which both local and national companies are getting involved. Local tackle shops in particular often support clubs or angling intervention projects by donating competition prizes, giving discounts to local junior club members, or discounted bait and equipment to staff. In return such tackle shops find they pick up trade as parents and young anglers start to shop locally.

The support that local tackle shops contribute to the social and community benefits achieved by angling can often get overlooked- yet they can be important points of contact for parents new to angling; giving advice on suitable equipment and tips on how to reduce the cost of angling. It’s not uncommon for me to be told that supportive local tackle shops might throw in a free handful of bait for local kids. 

Larger tackle manufacturers also have a role to play. Currently they support major angling events, sponsor junior teams and many will send donations of equipment to angling intervention projects. But can more be done to provide more sustaining support to some of the angling and young people charities?

Fastnet has launched a new landing net where £4 of every sale goes to support Angling For Youth Development (AFYD). AFYD is a Scottish charity that provides angling and educational courses to young people. They work with local communities and volunteers to deliver to a wide range of young people, in the process helping to develop young people's confidence and self-esteem, engage and learn about the environment, and turn them away from anti-social behaviour. The purchase of these nets, printed with the AFYD logo, is a great way to support the organisation and serves as an example of possible ways manufacturers can get more involved. 

What else is being done? We’re always looking to learn more so if you have a story about how traders are supporting angling projects, or if you have an opinion on the role of the tackle trade, let us know. Leave a comment here of visit the forums.

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