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What do you think of the research so far? What are the most important issues for you? How do you think angling could be improved?

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angaling re-search, heres some :)

Quote :'We compared the postcodes of respondents to the Index of Multiple Deprivation for England as an indicator of socioeconomic background. 18% of our respondents originated from the top 10% most deprived areas of England.'

England England England England

There is a palace called Scotland, why does scotland always get forgotten about when it comes to cource fishing.

England has alot of cource fishing venues but in palaces there wont be but compared to scotland.....................

There are 2 cource fisheries i know of in Scotland, Orchill and Magiscroft.
The scottish carp group have 7 waters.
Theres a few other waters stocked my the council.

That compared to England. Thats enough said.

please can someone tell me

please can someone tell me were to get free fishing tackle