Angling Participation

Angling Participation Research

Developing a better understanding of angling participation is one of the most important aspects of this research. Angling is often regarded as contributing to social, economic and environmental development in the UK. However, there is surprisingly little evidence to support such claims. We wanted to know why people go fishing, what their participation involves, how their participation delivers personal and community benefits, and the key issues likely to affect future participation.

How does angling fit into your life?

Data collection is now closed.

We asked anglers to share their views about angling, and the role angling plays in their life. They did this in a number of ways:

  • We received 69 detailed online Comment on key themes such as the impact of angling on health or the environment. Read what anglers had to say.
  • We received 62 submission from anglers to Tell us about your club, project or organisation and what it delivers.

Progress over the years..

In 2009 we had 2,400+ responses to the angling participation questionnaire. 

In 2010 we focused on interviews with anglers and angling stakeholders, and conducted 31 site visits. Find out more about what we did. 


Angler Interviews

We conducted 169 angler and angling stakeholder interviews with anglers across England from March 2010 to May 2011.

Anglers who were not being interviewed could contribute to the research by commenting on key issues, or telling us about angling organisations they are involved with using our Project Comment tool.

All Reports Published and Available

We have made all of our reports freely available. This includes the Dec 2009 Interim report analysing the survey data representing more than 2,400 coarse, game and sea anglers in England and Scotland, and Theme Papers on Health and Well-being, Physical Activity, the Environment and The Social Aspects of Angling. All the reports are available on our Angling Research Resources website.