Young People

This element of the research looked at how angling is used to engage young people. It focused specifically on a case study of Get Hooked On Fishing, a UK wide charity that uses angling as a tool to improve outcomes for a variety of disadvantaged young people. The research also considered how angling provisions for young people have diversified over recent years - visiting a range of projects, organisations, schools, angling clubs and Local Authorities to identify good practice and key learning.

Case Study

Get Hooked On Fishing (GHOF), is a national charity with extensive experience of delivering angling based education and personal development programs for young people. Their projects successfully engage some of the hardest to reach, using angling to build confidence and self-esteem. Case study, action resaerch with GHOF included in depth focus on 4 GHOF projects delivering across sea, game and coarse angling, as well as more general research across the charity.


Dr Natalie DjohariDr Natalie Djohari was researcher for the young people's section.

What we did:

1. Angling Organisations Page:

In January 2010 we launched an Angling Projects Survey open to all organisations using angling to engage young people. Visit the Organisation's page to find out more about what we did.

2. Young People's Page:

Gathering young people's experiences has been a central component of this research. This has included many hours spent interviewing young people as well as online data collection tools and surveys. To find out more about what we did visit the Young People's page.