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Young People's Voices

We wanted to hear from young people directly about their fishing experiences and the benefits they derived from participation. We adopted both on-line and on site data collection methods to ensure we included some of the most socially excluded young people from deprived communities. During the project we spoke with 188 young people, and 284 adults close to them (including parents, teachers, coaches, and youth workers).


In 2010 and 2011 we produced a series of short reports based on young people's views under the heading 'In Their Own Words: Young People's Angling Experiences'. The reports cover the well-being benefits of angling, the key barriers and means of maximising access, and the added value of angling based youth intervention programmes. Visit our resources site to Read the Reports.




What we did:

The Young People's Angling Survey. In Jan 2010 we launched a survey on the benefits and barriers of young people's angling participation.   We had 219 responses. See the Results on our resources site.

 Your Stories Wall. Comments were submitted by young people on-line and gathered through interviews. Some of these have been collected onto the Your Stories Wall highlighting key themes and issues.